Auto Complete - how to select the new functions?

Hello all,

Moving into 2023 R2.0, how to select the newer of the functions presented?

For example,
Dim r As Integer = getSomeTable

Do Until getSomeTable.RsData.EOF



Auto Complete will show MoveNext > RowSet.MoveToNextRow

How to select RowSet.MoveToNextRow??

Thank you!

It looks like you are using RecordSet and if you want to update you need to use RowSet
This may help: RecordSet - Xojo Documentation

In general I guess you have something like:

dim RsData as RecordSet

and you will need to changed that to RowSet

You have your IDE set to show deprecated items. Uncheck the box to only see currenty items.


Thanks Wayne!

So you cannot see both then then choose? That would have been better/easier!

Also, with Depreciated turned off, it now shows nothing… PIA!


That’s because you turned off depreciated. You should have turned off deprecated. :rofl:

Thanks Tim.

However, after turning it back on, I get none of the auto complete coming up.

Same with the use of help, it says that if the local help is downloaded it will use that when there’s no internet. However, it only shows the local help.

Frustrations sets in…

Well even after turning odd the deprecated setting, it shows the same thing as before. BTW to make it start doing any of the auto complete, I had to restart the PC.

Oh well… guess there’s no way to choose the newer functions without manually typing them!
Unless you all know a trick or three to make this work…


One of the issues that you’re having is that you’re working with a deprecated class. In this case, you’ve got a RecordSet where the replacement is a RowSet, and that’s not a direct replacement.

IIRC, when both values are shown, you should be able to hold the SHIFT key down to have the IDE insert the replacement method. Unfortunately in this case it does completely the wrong thing.