Hai to all, How to authenticate the desktop application using xojo, not a web application. Because I created a desktop xojo application and now I want to use authentication for the application.

You didn’t say what you need authorisation for.

Here is something from the MBS plugin:

Chilkat also has a Nice Xojo plugin with many classes-- This is a link to their NTLM (Windows) Authentication example:

@Mike Cotrone

Thanks for your reply. Your answer was helpful to me even. Being new to Xojo i too want to learn about authentication using Xojo.

But , it will be more helpful if my doubts are clarified. As you have mentioned about plugin for authentication, i would like to know whether this plugin as available as free with xojo licence or do we have to pay extra cost to buy this plugin.

Thanks in advance.

you have to pay for these plugins.

@Jean-Yves Pochez

Thanks. Me too working on a desktop application with Xojo in windows. But i have future plans to extent my application on mac and Linux. Can u suggest me a plugin that can support for authentication on all these three platform. ?

or, Is there any plugin that can perform both licencing and authentication together?

You haven’t said for what you need authentication. Gmail? The OS itself?

@Beatrix Willius
Sorry for asking the below question. Authentication of both OS and email account.
My question is, whether authentication required along with licencing.
or only licencing is sufficient for an basic commercial software.?

Authentication for OS is done with the MBS plugin for macOS. Again: what do you want to use authentication for? I have a few tasks where I need this feature: a self-written installation app for instance. But for a commercial app on the Mac you should use this only rarely.

Both the Chilkat plugin and MBS plugin have methods for email authentication. I use the Chilkat plugin because I wanted to have the best plugin for email available. CURL from the MBS plugin is okay but not professional quality. Your mileage may vary.

@Beatrix Willius
Authentication to ensure that the software is used only by the customer who has purchased the licence.

so, in general we need to purchase two plugin’s.

  1. Chilkat plugin for Authentication
  2. FastSpring (or) LimeLM (or) GuancheMOS software for licencing.

hope I am correct.

Yes, they are very good and cheap too.

If you are trying to validate the Windows credentials for a user this might work.

I did something like this using the SHELL command (in another programming language) to validate a user and password. I can’t promise that this will work or you or even in Xojo.

Run this in a SHELL command line (with the desired username and password to test):

net use \\\\unc\\path /user:username password

Then check the errorlevel returned to verify if a credential is valid. The unc path is a directory on the system that requires that user credentials to allow access. You can look around on the Web to find out more about the Windows “Net Use” command if you need more info.

PS … Some might say this is not 100% secure. You will have decide if it is OK with how you view security.