Austin recommendations

I’m going to be in Austin next week but only for 24 hours and I’m wondering if you nice XDC people can advise me on a good place to stay to be central? I was looking at the Sheraton in Downtown - seems like a good location to walk out of the hotel and see some things plus 6th Street etc? But happy to take any other recommendations!

Oh, and food recommendations also very welcome :slight_smile: I saw Franklins BBQ on a movie called Chef, looks good - is it worth waiting in that huge line? Love me some BBQ!


In order to stay central - why don’t you just stay in a Hotel in the center?
If you like BBQ food - I recommend BBQ Chicken?

Hope that helped :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried it yet but Geoff says that Gus’s Fried Chicken is really good.

man… now I am thinking about BBQ.

i guess I know what i am having for lunch :slight_smile:

Franklin’s is the hot spot to hit of course, but for my money, a trip out of town to the Salt Lick is the best way to spend an evening. Of course, you will get as many opinions about that as there are people. :slight_smile: Do check out Lamberts and Stubs of course. Great stuff. My personal favorite in the area is the Iron Works BBQ.

Sixth street is overrated to me, but I am bit older than the crowd that usually roams that area. People watching there is great fun, only place in the world you will see a herd of two legged tropical fish mixing in with Cowboys and Business suits. Still, a lot of great fun can be had there.

If you are only staying for one day, you might want to splurge and stay at the Driscoll. You don’t get much more Austin that that, and of course, the place is haunted. :slight_smile:

Have fun!


That’s really useful, thanks Paul, love getting BBQ recommendations :slight_smile: I did have a look at the Driskill and concluded they wouldn’t be pleased if my wife and I turned up with our 3 young kids with sticky hands. On that note, I’ll not be spending long on Sixth St but I’d still like to check it out as I’ve never been.

Wish we had more time but it will be only be 24 hours as we’ve only a few days for the whole of Texas! Dallas Rangers game the night before…

Thanks for replying.

With kids? Most of the things to do with kids are kinda tame compared to other cities, but I think they are a lot of fun.

Zliker Park and Barton Springs Pool - a natural spring to swim in. it’s 68 degrees year round, but I have yet to see that bother a kiddo.

Don’t miss the bats under the Congress Ave. Bridge. Everyone loves the bats!

Inner Space Caverns - it’s a bit of a drive north, almost to Georgetown, where I live, but utterly awesome. I love it myself.

The Duck Tour is fun for the kids too. And a good way for tired adults to get a sit down rest! :slight_smile:

Oh, and there is a Salt Lick BBQ in Round Rock as well. Not quite as much fun as the original, but very tasty!


Plan: Gus’s for lunch, visit State Capital, 6th Street before it gets too loud, Iron Works BBQ for dinner, bats at Congress Ave Bridge at sunset. Morning at Zliker Park and Salt Lick BBQ for lunch when heading south(ish) out of Austin. Plenty of time to diet when I get home.

Thanks a lot Paul, nothing beats locals’ ideas and recommendations.

The driskill is definitely kid friendly! The Sheraton is a bit of a walk from stuff, maybe look at radisson, omni, Stephen f Austin, downtown Hilton. we have a great children’s museum here if you’re looking for some fun kid stuff to do. They would enjoy the salt lick if you’re going to have a car. Let me know if you need any ideas for kid activities! I have two so we know all the good places to go!

Left Austin earlier today, great city, will definitely visit again! Gus’s does some great fried chicken and thanks go to @Paul Raulerson for the Iron Works BBQ. Brisket and ribs to die for and great atmosphere. State Capitol was very interesting and got to 6th St early enough to have a beer before it got too crazy.

Only disappointment was that the bats didn’t appear!! Stood from around 8.30pm for well over an hour with several hundred other people and some boats who were circling on the water waiting but apart from one or two bags flying around the bridge, they didn’t do their thing. In the end people slowly filtered away looking confused. I’m filing a class action suit against the bats!

@Dana Brown thanks for hotel ideas. You’re right, Sheraton would not have been central enough. In the end we got a suite on the 24th floor of the downtown Hilton. Awesome views!