Austin For Everyone

Howdy y’al! I’ve been thinking about #XDC2015 a lot lately…35 days and counting! Some of you have asked me for things to do in and around Austin, so I wrote up some local and not-so-local draws. As I said in the post, if you have any questions about something I left out- just ask. See you in Austin!

Cinqo de Mayo which is a few days after the conference :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=176205:@Don Lyttle]One absolute must for y’all if you’re going there is to sample some of Texas’ world finest barbecue! I have two brothers who live in Austin, one being a sports writer for the Austin Statesman newspaper. When my wife and I went to visit them last year, they took us to what has to be one of the premier BBQ places I’ve ever been to anywhere … “The Salt Lick” … a short ride from Austin in the Texas hill country. I HIGHLY recommend it! Make sure you are real hungry because it is an “All You Can Eat” format for one price.

Here’s a link …

The atmosphere is awesome and there’s lot’s of “side shows” (live music outside on the veranda, shops, etc.). One oddity of note is that they only accept cash (no credit cards … but they do have an ATM in house) and it’s BYOB (“Bring Your Own Beverage”).[/quote]

I’m working on separate post about restaurants and BBQ has its own section! My husband would divorce me if I didn’t mention Salt Lick! :slight_smile:

Posting updated to include some Cinco De Mayo events in Austin! Thanks @Norman Palardy!