Auckland Xojo User Group Meeting

We’re having our user group meeting in the Boardroom at the Empire Tavern on 28th January 6pm. Christian Schmitz has agreed to be our guest speaker and will be focusing on oAuth using his CURL plugin.

Hi Wayne
I was wondering if you new of any user groups down south. Ie chch

Hi James

I have been thinking that the Auckland group should become the NZ group - there just aren’t enough of use in any one place to make it work. My thought was to have just 4 physical meetings a year and in between have virtual meetings. This would save a lot of travel & open the door for some of the provincial locations.

Your query makes me think perhaps these physical meetings could be in different centres - I guess this would be NZXDC/4.

Would you be interested in coordinating a Chch meeting? You’d only need to find a suitable venue - we’d all arrange our own accommodation etc.

I think that is a great idea! Christchurch is definitely doable, and there would be no excuse not to attend a virtual meeting.

Hi guys. I can do that.
I guess all we need is total physical numbers. I have the use of a small board room that I could book for the day at no cost. Holds about 8 max. Nothing flash, but very usable, and free is good.

And bloody good idea about virtual meetings.
The cool thing about virtual is we can have the odd person from xojo or other groups hook up occasionally

Sign me up for Christchurch when you arrange a time, thank you.

I’m definitely up for the virtual meetings, not so much the physical meetings at the moment, can’t see me having the time to travel just now.

I would have loved to live in the capital of beautiful NZ, complete with the benefit of having Xojo friends near by. I am from NL, unfortunately …

Hi Guys

I’m a VB pro, Xojo novice
Looking to learn whats going on in Auckland, interested in networking/business/contracting/employment opprtunities,
Wouldnt mind tagging along if this meeting would be a good place to start?

Oops, looks like I’m a year too late…anything happening anytime soon?

Hi Bob

It is something that could kick off again if there were enough interest.

Hi Wayne,

I would like to add a note of interest here. Hopefully they could be virtual meetings, as I live near Greymouth. Not sure how well virtual meetings would work, but I am sure that you would know :slight_smile:

Well I tried a virtual meeting last year & no one turned up. A Google hangout will support 10 concurrent members, so a virtual meetup should be possible.

Well, I’m happy to join when we are in NZ next Xmas again :wink:

And regularily when we move there … probably in two years time …