Attributes on Controls?

I’m really interested in what @Norman Palardy said about Attributes in the following thread. I’m currently using the control name to store the database table and column names and a class to register other properties about the field. It’d be amazing to add this info as Attributes!

Is it possible to add Attributes to controls directly? I can’t seem to add them to controls, but I can on the WebPage. I read the info about Attributes in the user guide which states that you can add attributes to classes, modules, windows, containers, interfaces and toolbars.

So subclassed a WebTextField and added attributes, but when I dragged my subclassed WebTextField to the WebPage, but I couldn’t edit the Attributes.

Am I not understanding this properly?

I need to look at the IDE code to see IF this IS even permitted and its just not exposed

And I suppose the outline of my presentation :slight_smile:

Bah I better go edit my post since I used a property on a custom subclass not an attribute

I’ll see what would be involved in an attribute as this use for them would be VERY handy

Attributes can only be added to classes, but not to instances thereof:
– Controls on a web page (or on a container, on a windows, etc.) are instances.
– Web pages, containers, windows etc. are classes (and instances on the same time if ImplicitInstance = True).

There’s an existing feature request for adding Attributes to Controls. Just made it my #1 Top case: Feedback Case #7517