Attaching a WebThread to a Container

Hi All,

I am trying to attach a Web-thread to a container using the IDE. I get a IllegalCastexception with the error message " cannot be cast to WebPage".

I can attach the WebThread as a property and use something like addhandler MyWebThread.Run, WeakAddressOf ThreadRun to get the event but this isn’t very elegant and it makes the code harder for others to understand.

Does anyone have a better fix or workaround?

There isn’t at the moment.

I am also having the same issue with classes based on just the Object super.

I have created a class with a few event definitions and properties. I can drag and drop the class item onto webpages without a problem. The event handlers work great, but when I drag even and empy class item onto a webContainer I get the illegal cast error . I’m using a class to keep things object orientated.

Is there any fix for this?