AT91SAM9G20 ARM9 CPU and web apps

I have a TS4200 single board computer from Technologic systems
It is built around a AT91SAM9G20 ARM9 CPU from Atmel. I understand that the current build for Rasberry PI requires an ARMv7 instruction set. i have been searching and searching trying to understand what architecture i really have .
I would like to find out if standalone XOJO web apps or CGI XOJO web apps will run on this board before i go and upgrade my existing XOJO license and jump into the world of building XOJO web apps.
Are there any simple ‘helloworld’ type web apps that are already built for Rasberry PI that i can just copy onto the board and see if they will run?
the board also has an Apache web server on it if needed.

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I would try and get one, check if it can run 32 bit Linux for arm and try a Xojo console app first.

Running the console app may give error messages.
Using ldd command can check for missing libraries.

ARM9 is an older architecture as far as I can tell. I think all the ARMX versions are older and the ARMvX are newer. I think pre 2006 from my brief google check. I would say it’s pretty safe to assume that xojo web apps will not work on that board.

Here is a simple Xojo console app that you can use to test if your board will work:


[quote=339272:@Paul Lefebvre]Here is a simple Xojo console app that you can use to test if your board will work:


Works on my Pine A64 (Ubuntu on 64 bit ARM 2GB)

@Paul Lefebvre was this compiled for 64 bit? i know this board is 32bit. also never saw this before but permissions look OK.

LinuxITP:~/ARMTest# ls -l
total 1456
-rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 1482536 Jul 6 18:55 ARMTest
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Jul 6 18:56 ARMTest Libs
LinuxITP:~/ARMTest# ./ARMTest
-bash: ./ARMTest: No such file or directory

It’s a 32 bit executable, but on my Pine A64 i can run also 32 bit Xojo apps.

No. Xojo only builds 32-bit Linux ARM apps.

In the right part of the screenshot you see the properties of the executable, you should check the text ‘Allow this file to run as a program’ and discard the warning and all should work. In the terminal window you can see that the program works.
To make development easier you should install the remote debugger which you can see running at the left.
(NB this all ONLY if your board supports Xojo programs (ARM v7))