Associated file type opens program

I want my program to open and connect to a SQLite database when I click on the database file in windows Explorer or Finder.
The database file has a unique extension.
Previously in vb6 I was able to do this but I cannot find documentation on how to do this in XOJO.
Can anyone please point me in the right direction?

Aren’t file associations handled by Windows not by the applications?
I know for OSX you select the file (ie. your database with the unique extension) and tell Finder (the equiv of Windows Explorer) what file to use to open it… With the option to extend that rule to ALL files on the system with the same extension.


Yes that’s true Dave but in my vb application I used Inno setup to associate a file extension with my program when it was installed.
Then I had the program accept a command-line argument (the path to the file) when a file with that extension was double-clicked. The program opened and displayed the contents of the file.

Ok, so do the same exact thing with Xojo

Yes that’s what I want but how do you get the file path to the program when you click on an associated filetype?
I can’t find any documentation.

System.Commandline When you associate a file to a program the file becomes a parameter.