Artificial Intelligence coming to Word?

Here is an interesting ‘teaser’ article snippet about artificial intelligence coming to Microsoft Word. I hope the existing plugin can tap into this functionality.

A new feature in Microsoft’s Word aims to help improve writing beyond the usual grammar fixes.
Using artificial intelligence, Ideas will suggest rewrites for clunky sentences as well as changes to make sure language is gender inclusive.
It will help users lay out different parts of a document, including tables, and suggest synonyms and alternative phrases to make writing more concise.
It will be cloud-based and initially available to users of Word Online only.
A test version of Ideas will go live in June, becoming more widely available in the autumn.
It was announced at Microsoft’s Build developer conference in Seattle.

The article link:
Microsoft Word AI

Buying out, or copying ‘Grammarly for Microsoft Office’?

Thanks to macro sift wired and it’s spilling ant grandma cark-tor, my spilling and grandma are now prefect. I kin knot weight to sea watt’s necks.

I bet Word and Wordess will just resurrect Clippy.

I use Grammarly PRO, and I could not live without it!

Wondering if this is going to lead to increased accusations of plagiarism?

I’ve done my best at primary school, so I can live without :slight_smile:

Grammarly has been adding more and more too. Maybe one day we can specify a topic and let it write…

then on that day all the authors will be out of a job.

Computers already generate news for press. Others write memoranda for lawyers.

Good grammar is a curse. People with bad grammar are blissfully unaware of other people’s bad grammar when they hear it or read it. Then, as their grammar improves, they become more and more sensitive to others’ grammatical errors. For many years, like many people, I was confused by the verbs ‘to lay’ and ‘to lie’. They are probably among the most confused verbs in English. Now that I understand the difference, I tend to cringe when I hear them misused. When I hear my sister telling her dog to “go lay down” and he ignores her, I’m tempted to tell her that, since the verb ‘to lay’ is transitive, her dog doesn’t know what it is that she wants him to lay down.