Arrow keys problem w/ Einhugur TimeControl

TimeControl appears to be mishandling input from arrow keys. Previously it would increment or decrement the highlighted value by 1. Now it changes the values by 2 or 3, and the AMPM selector can’t be changed by the arrow keys.

DateControl does not have this problem. Nor do any other inputs, such as Koingo’s old TimeField picker. TimeControl was used without problems in a project I deployed in early March. The Windows version of that s/w still runs fine, however the Mac version built then now exhibits this bug!

I suspect that the issue may be caused by Apple’s “Security Update 2020-002 10.14.6”, since that’s the only systems change I’ve made, and the problem seems very low level.


Item	Action	Result	Change
hour	down arr	10:00 AM	-2
hour	up arr	         1:00 AM	+3
minute	down arr	12:58 AM	-2
minute	up arr	        12:01 AM	+3
AMPM	down arr	no change	
AMPM	down arr	no change	

new debug run each test, time reset to 12:00 AM

Tests were done on 10.14.6 with all latest security patches. Karabiner, Logitech KB software, and any kb related launch daemons were removed/disabled. All caches were cleaned. An Apple wired keyboard was used.

I also tested on the following versions with latest control for each version.

Version Result

16r3 OK
17r1 OK
17r3 Fail
18r1 Fail
18r4 Fail
19r11 Fail
19r31 Fail

  • also tested 7.0 with 19r1.1 - Fail[/code]

You should report this to Björn at Einhugur.