array of strings to comma separated list?

I thought I saw a command to take and array of strings and concatenate them together into one string separated by a comma. What was that function?!

[code]dim d as new dictionary
dim keys(-1) as string
dim columnNames as string = “”

for each key in d.keys
keys.Append key

columnNames = “" columnNames = columnNames + join(keys, ",") columnNames = columnNames + "”[/code]

Why can’t I cast the d.keys() variant array to a string array?

My guess… is because d.keys is a variant array… yeah I know you just said that…

But because it is a variant array… each ELEMENT could be a totally different datatype (or class, or another array, or … )

So you would not be able to cast the array… but would have to cast each ELEMENT

maybe I thought that keys of a dictionary had to be strings…