Array of MemoryBlocks

XOJO 2021r1.1 and XOJO 2021r3-55102 / Windows 10 Desktop

I have a Window1 With 2 properties and 2 methods
Property → mbOne(15 As MemoryBlock
Property → mbTwo(15,15) As MemoryBlock
Method → FillMemoryBlocks
Method → DoSomething

I now try to read the content of the MemoryBlock arrays in the method ‘DoSomething’
For the mbOne(?)… the TAB assistance opens the list of all available items

But for mbTwo(?,?)… the TAB assistance only shows ‘ReSizeTo’ And ‘Shuffle’ that are array items ???


But typing ‘mbTwo(?,?).Byte(x)’ will work even if I cannot select it in the list of TAB assistance.

Is this normal ? Am I missing something or doing something wrong ?


seems this feature is missing for multidimension arrays?
as workaround

Var mb As MemoryBlock