Array in SQLite table

I have searched the forum and some discussions that weren’t exactly on point lead me to believe this isn’t possible but I’ll ask anyway.

Can I store a 1-dimensional array of integers in a SQLite table. The arrays has a set number of entries - 12.

Make a table

Some db’s let you store an array in one column value but this isn’t portable and really indicates more of a incomplete data model than anything

The entire concept of a Database/Tables etc… is to alleviate the need to an “array”.
The proper way is a referential table construct…

basically there is no “array” datatype

for i=0 to myArray.ubound
    SQL="INSERT INTO sometable VALUES("+str(i)+","+str(myArray(i))+")"
next i

I get those issues. But this is just a temporary way of accumulating data. It seems like, in my particular case the easiest way to go.

No big deal, just thought I would ask…

create a temporary table
in most db’s they are per user and are removed when the connection is closed