Array as a Property

Sorry Guys, it seems to be my day for dumb questions…

How do I create an Array as a Property, i.e. have a Property that contains an Array?

Put parens after the property name when defining it.

In the name of the property write ‘()’, at the end. And I think you can also do the same thing for the data type field. If your array does not dynamically expand then write ‘(12)’, or if you do not want your array to be the size of 12, write a different number.

If you are defining your array in code, you write.
‘dim a as string()’, for a dynamically expanding array of strings. You can also define a fixed array in code.

Hi Kem,

The IDE won’t let me do that…

[quote=40031:@Graham Stephens]Hi Kem,

The IDE won’t let me do that…[/quote]
That sounds strange. Have you tried this under the name field?

Ah, got it - I’d left a space between the name and the (), that’s what it was complaining about.