I’m really enjoying Xojo’s ARM support. Zip question.

I’m trying to keep things really simple with minimum dependencies, or no dependencies. I’m going to have to unzip something, should I use MBS? Does MBS work with LInux-ARM32 builds? Is there a Declare I can use that works with ARM? Or is there another option where I can unzip something in Linux-ARM32 builds?

Maybe just use the Linux unzip command?

Some info on unzip

MBS Xojo Plugins work for Linux on ARM.

Just try the archive classes: see ArchiveReaderMBS.

I think you don’t need any plugin. You can use a Shell Object to call the Linux Shell. Linux has built-in Zip Support. You can find more here:

Good to know MBS works on this. I should have mentioned, I have to do a little work, as I don’t necessarily have a ZIP file, but a chunk of compressed data. Since I know the ZIP file format, I can always make a temporary ZIP file and then use the native Linux command. I know MBS makes everything easier - love it - but this is supposed to be a small project for a client and I’m trying to avoid dependencies.