ARM support .. status

Just curieus about the current status of making Xojo ready for ARM.
Any news about this? (other than the blog showing it runs a Hello World app - which is great to see they are working on it).
I am I right it is just a ‘flag’ in the LLVM compiler to compile for ARM instead of x86? Or does much more need to be changed to make it work?

It looks like we are going to see an ARM device within 2 months. That’s not far in the near future. :slight_smile:

Source ?

It is assumed Apple will release a MacBook Air with ARM this year, not? Mostly they release new hardware around oktober/November.
But it doesn’t matter when it ‘exactly’ will be released this year. My question is, is the transition to ARM difficult? Does it just require a compiler flag? Or does the Xojo framework need to be adapted too?
Just some things I am interested in.

@Geoff_Perlman may answer this.
On the hangout yesterday he mentioned something about Mac framework done for Apple Silicon, but let’s him provide details.

I would expect Xojo Inc. develops it and you get a new selection for platform, where you can say 64-bit Intel, 64-bit ARM or Universal for both.


I do not saw rumors about that @, that is why I asked.

Yes, this is a good question and we can assume Christian had a good answer, but let Geoff add clear statement without release date.

I am confident Xojo Inc. will get this done soon.
Once new Mac hardware is released, I expect them to be one of the first to support it and advertise this.


I have no inside information, but my SWAG is that it will take much more than a compiler flag. But with them already using a LLVM compiler, they should be in pretty good shape for delivering an option to compile for SoC machines. That said, I don’t know the impact this will have on plug-in providers like Monkey Bread. Christian will be in a much better position to answer that.

What we can point to the pubic Xojo Roadmap which has native Apple Silicon builds currently at priority order 5. Beyond that I’m not sure how much Xojo will publicly announce, as saying much of anything seems to cause expectations even when explicitly not promised.

So if it was “just a compiler switch” then my SWAG is that it would not be #5 on the current roadmap.

Just pure speculation on my part.

It will almost certainly be just another Complier option. That’s what it looks like at this point.

As for where things are on the roadmap, you shouldn’t read too much into that. It doesn’t indicate complexity nor does it indicate time as the entire team does not focus on a single roadmap goal all once once. Several items are usually in development at once.


Well, to us users I expect it will be as simple as another compiler option in the build settings.

But I took the OP to mean how simple it will be for Xojo to make it that simple for us – and if it is relatively easy for the Xojo compiler/linker/etc too that is wonderful and is another indication that moving to LLVM was a very strategic move.

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as of June our work so far is done:

MBS Xojo Plugins, version 20.3pr7

So we only need to know how to package the plugin.


Once LLVM became mature enough, moving to it was inarguable. There’s no point in us duplicating the efforts of others. Moving to it allowed us to focus on where we add the most value.

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