ARM Desktop. Now officially supported.

Qualcomm is adapting their chips for a better WoA (Windows on ARM) experience. Apple is building their own solution (Project Kalamata, now exposed).

But now, ARM is releasing their chipsets designed to everybody else. Cortex-A76 CPU, Mali G76-GPU, Mali-V76 VPU.
Seems that we will see a good part of the “laptop market” moving to ARM by 2020.

I would be interested in a comparison with Apple‘s ARM-based chips which had “DESKTOP-class” performance nearly two years ago …

No need. Intel wins benchmarks in the instructions per second war. It’s focused on a Always-on low energy consumption including AI processing and video processing. It’s laptop focused, not workstation. Quad math native. Quad vectors and FP. :smiley:

And what we’ll see from the Apple custom chips in a comparison, we’ll need to wait almost 2 years. Their project is set to be released to market in 2020.


And my question was about comparing the new ARM chips with Apple’s ARM designs.

What I notice is a distinct lack of benchmarks on the new chips.

Btw: even last year’s Apple’s A11 was able to beat Intel’s i5. And unlike the marginal gains Intel made in the last few years Apple’s A series had yearly performance increases of 60% or more. So it will be interesting to see what the A11X or A12 will be capable of …


The new chip set for debut in 2020 is not the cell/tablet A11. It’s in the works in Oregon.

Any pre 2020 product probably will be as powerful as a good tablet with a keyboard.

I know. And of course not. But it is a pointless statement. If I ask for a comparison of the Qualcom with Apple chips then what relevance has whatever Apple releases in two years??? If I ask for a comparison with Intel chips you wouldn’t say “we have to wait till Intel releases new chips in 2020”, would you? You wouldn’t compare MacOS with what Microsoft releases in two years time. Etc etc

What does that even mean???

I saw some benchmarks in an article at ArsTechnica or AnandTech, too lazy to go find it, but they showed the Apple chips are already faster than these new ARM chips by a smallish but noticeable margin.

[quote=390316:@Markus Winter]

@Rick A. Any pre 2020 product probably will be as powerful as a good tablet with a keyboard.

What does that even mean???[/quote]

That the new, not named yet, Apple “secret” chip set to debut in 2020, is told to be more powerful than the current Apple iphone/iPad current ones.