Argghh!! Writing comments in source code without Autocomplete

Personally I don’t want autocomplete when I’m writing comments as it’s very irritating. Making it optional in the Prefs sounds best.

something more than just turning it off for everyone as I tend to be in anthony’s camp
I write comments and often put in the reason or purpose of what the thing represents (despite using long and descriptive names)


@Ivan Tellez - If everybody search as good as you do, 3/4 of the forum could be deleted :wink: — But my apologies for writing

@Anthony Cyphers - I’m also in your camp…

I’m suprised that this topic is splitting the Xojo community in 2 camps… Because it has been working fine for me (for the last 9 years) and I have never seen before a discussion like this one… But that’s probably because I can’t search, something we established earlier this day. :slight_smile:

making optional and off by default would be better, or just off all the time, I too always found it annoying and never seen it in any other IDE I have ever used.
I am pleased to find something in 19r2 that appeals to me.

As everybody gives an opinion but it here: I want it back please. ASAP :slight_smile:

New project: Autocomplete on comments OFF.

It can be turned on in the project prefs and saved.
Next time, after loading, it will still on as saved.

Same for syntax mode. API 1.0 only, API 2.0 only, mixed APIs. New projects: API 2.0 Only.

Sometimes I find it annoying and and sometimes helpful in both notes and comments … But overall helpful wins by a lot for me, so I would rather have it as it was.


I found it annoying (autocomplete)

Don”t press the Tab key and continue to type whatever comment you are writing. :frowning:

And what do you think about live URL in comments ?
(Do not say you love them ! A misplaced click in it and the browser is fired, the link is called… THAT IS DISTURBING !)

  • I like autocomplete in comments, would be sad if they were gone
  • I like live URLs in comments, but wish they had a “are you sure” confirmation dialog.

I would prefer if links in comments required a Shift+Click to launch.

Why do I place a link in comments ?
To have it on hand, so I click in it to select and copy… not always for going there.
Sometimes for codings, sometimes for the manual writing, sometimes…

PS: I only used once a Web project.

I never assumed there was any autocomplete in comments, so I never tried since late 2000, to use any autocomplete.

Besides, I have grown into using the apostrophe rather than the double forward bar, or the convenient block comment.

I do enjoy the auto links, though, as I frequently link to relevant pages in comments.


I used to autocomplete in comment and it miss me. For the link, i would prefer a alt-click or Shift-click or anyKey-click as I can configure buttons of my mouse. And i sometimes launch url when I don’t want to.

the topic of autocomplete in comments was actually discussed before, eg. <>, <> but at that time the outcome was differnt:

I’m in the pro-autocomplete-in-comments camp, just in case…

[quote=459539:@Tobias Bussmann]the topic of autocomplete in comments was actually discussed before, eg. <>, <> but at that time the outcome was differnt:
Bah look at what id10t closed that as “intentional behaviour”
What did he know :stuck_out_tongue: