ARGEN Question and/or Help

Hi All,

I downloaded and compiled the ARGEN code from here:

I have a large SQLite file that I am using to build the project.
In the UI I changed a column to from a textfield to a textarea and now I am getting errors on the build.

Am I doing something wrong or is there something in the ARGEN code that needs to be updated?


Is ARGen updated for API 2?

There is a drop down box for choosing API 1 or 2.
I chose 2 for this project.

ok, been awhile since I downloaded it

I put a lot of work into it, and then Geoff made some really thick comments so I scrambled to find a buyer. I really thought I’d have left this place by now.

You’ll notice that in all the time it’s been free and open source, not one soul has volunteered an update for the Desktop-prefixed-garbage.

@Craig_Boyd “lb” is the prefix for Listbox, not Label, so my guess is someone customized something. I use the last commercially available release and it works fine.

Thanks @Tim_Parnell
Well that is interesting…the the "lbCMNT_TX is a TextArea.
I don’t mind committing my fix or fixes to git, but this is a HUGE project.
Can you or someone here point me to where in ARGEN I should start looking?

@Tim_Parnell Also, my last commercially available ARGEN exe is really old so that is not really an option for me.

My suggestion would be to check ccPRODAddEdit and see what that field actually turned out to be.

So this is kind of crazy…
When I look into this the TextArea control called txtCMNT_TX exists in the LoadRecord method but it is called lbCMNT_TX
As far as I can tell that control does not exist anywhere in the project.
So it appears something has gone awry in the Argen code.
Also the last error is for PopupMenu control. It is just trying to return the SelectedRowIndex when it should be trying to return the value in RowTagAt(SelectedRowIndex).

If someone can point me to approximately where in the Argen code this logic exists (where it is creating the code for the LoadRecord function) I don’t mind hunting it down, fixing it, and pushing a commit, but this project is too big for me to just jump into without some kind of guidance.


ARGen was built to simplify a project starting point. Some parts like PopupMenus you have to connectify yourself because the ways to build more complicated controls vary by needs.

Using the repository you linked, I am not getting naming errors when changing the control type.

Thanks @Tim_Parnell for clarifying that.
I will dig into that reply back to this thread if I can sort it out. :smiley:

Stupid question - at the github site following the link from the first post, what should be downloaded?


Hi Tim,

Not a stupid question at all. Click on the green button that it labeled “Code”.
Download the zip file.
Unzip it.
Using Xojo you should be able to then open the project file and run it.

Thank you!