ARGen Beta - Web 2.0

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

With the pre-release builds of 2020r1.1 we’ve got access to RowTags for WebDataSource! This has made it so I can complete the work on Web 2.0 user interface generation with ARGen.

Since the r1.1 release is still in testing, I’d love to work out any issues with the user interface generation work. I welcome any feedback. You will need 2020r1.1 to open the generated projects.

I’ve also added a brand new feature - class template customization. This is likely to be an area where it’s easy to do something to break the project. I welcome all bug reports!

If you have time, please try out the ARGen pre-release build!

Best wishes,
Tim Parnell


With 2020r1.1 available today I’d like to open this up to public testing :slight_smile:

Please give this pre-release ARGen a try if you have the chance!


How should we let you know our findings?

Any way to privately get them to me directly works!

I welcome a PM here on the forum, or send it in by email to, or heck even Twitter DM it to me :slight_smile:

I love the energy you’re throwing into ARGen @Tim_Parnell. Great to see it growing and expanding so fast.

One of the essential tools in the bag for most Xojo users I should imagine.

If anyone has not used it then I strongly urge them to go buy it, at $99 it’s a steal.


Thanks for the high praise, Rod!

I’ve received and fixed a couple of bugs, so I’ve got new builds! Thank you to everyone helping out and sending in reports :slight_smile:

Fixed: ActiveRecord API 2.0 Foreign Key support (you will want this fix)
Fixed: Saving a Web 2.0 project no longer warns you of data loss (there isn’t any)


Best wishes,
Tim Parnell

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