Are-you using Speak ?

The Speak command allows to… speak the passed string (and talks French too).

In an old project, I used it.

Did you use it ?

Of course we can use it.

If you need more, we have some classes in MBS Plugins:

I sometimes do for debugging. Mine speaks English and Dutch in US dialect :slight_smile:

#If DebugBuild Then Speak "The result is " + Cstr(iResult) #EndIf

I use it in a utility I wrote at work, it announces when a job has completed (does a SQL call and creates a file) and speaks any errors if they occur. This allows me to work on something else and be alerted when it’s complete so I can then do something with it.

Since (hours after I use that project on) Saturday I do not have sound in my Windows 10 laptop. (No more TV from the PC).

I wanted to have your experience (thanks fo the answers) to eventually think if coincidence or pure hazard or… It seems the sound card is broken.

or perhaps you didn’t turn the volume up?
if you get NO sound, its not an Xojo related issue.

If I hear a NO, I’m pretty sure its the wife! LOL


It tooks me hours to found where to get the information, but ot seems to be a hardware problem. I get an Alert Icon in the sound properties list (where the name of the Sound card provider is given, with the software name / version, etc. (think in worst about the Sound Control Panel version Windows / or System prefs, Sound entry).

Doh ! I forgot to power on the laptop !

Sound is back after I split the laptop (as Tablet) and back. I do not know why.