Are you on Mastodon?

I’m leaving tweeter to mastodon

Are you also on mastodon ?
Did you have some interesting account to follow on mastodon ?

My account is on this server

And my address is

I am here:

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I am there


I’m on do.:

I can’t find your account from my server ( is it: ?

Its not Mastodon

No. Too niche.

No, I am not.

I only made an account a while ago. Just in case our friend Elon does stupid things with Twitter.

@Joost_Rongen1 send your address to follow each other if you want, my address is

Hi :wave:

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For now I only subscribed to fix my account name.

My twitter account has been dormant for the last 5 years. I’m thinking about just deleting it. I don’t need another social platform. Come to think of it, I should delete my instagram account as well. Never really used it.

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