Are workers still a priority?

In the first minutes of testing workers I found out that workers and main app have communication problems if the result is larger.

The target for the bug fix has been moved to the next release for a year. Yesterday the milestone was removed and there is nobody assigned anymore.

Is this going to be fixed anytime soon? Or is the new shiny object the new threads feature?

In theory, preemptive threads should make Worker obsolete as they will have the benefits of Workers without the limitations (although they will come with their own challenges).


Really? At release, preemptive threads will have only a small fraction of the language available due to the overall framework being thread-unsafe. Workers don’t have this very significant limitation. It will likely be a very long time, if ever, until the entire framework can be used in a preemptive thread.

I’m not sure what you consider a “small fraction”, or why you’d think this, but I’ve been helping with the testing and expect the first release to be quite robust. If there is anything in particular that you’d like to know about, start a conversation on the Testing channel, or send me a private note, and I’ll share what I can.

But even if you were right, I’d still expect Preemptive Threads to replace Workers over time.


By my experience, workers have never been a priority.

Bosses have always seemed to have the highest priority.

Puns intended, I’ll see myself out now. :grimacing:


I’m glad to hear it. The announcement left me with the impression that preemptive threads would initially be mostly useful for math and other simple tasks due to the limited thread safety of the framework, and that more functionality would follow over time. Perhaps I misunderstood, or they were intentionally setting the bar low. :slight_smile:

Another ongoing use for Workers will be to call OS frameworks that are not thread safe. Yes, those still exist…


No doubt there will be areas that are identified as problematic after release, and I’ll bet the announcement took into account that it was largely unknown at that point, but I can tell you, from what I’ve seen, I’m quite optimistic. @William_Yu , especially, has made great progress and has either fixed or is in the process of fixing (or working around) the issues I’ve found.

And that’s probably all I can say at this point. But again, if there is anything specific you’d like tested, I’ll see what I can do.


I’ve also been testing the preemptive threads, and I am in full agreement with Kem. I can’t wait for their release.


Thanks for the information, guys. I just hope that the preemptive threads feature is less rough than the popovers or the new database connection.