Are there toolbar separators now?

In the new web 2.0 is there a way now to add menu separators to a toolbar menu? I have been looking through anything I can find but I haven’t seen any examples of how to do it. It seems like I seen somewhere in an example that there were separators. If there aren’t, what is everyone else doing to separate menu items? Thanks

According the the Xojo blog post about converting projects:

The separator control no longer exists. When your project is imported, separators are converted to Rectangles and made thin to do the same job.

I assume you add a rectangle to the toolbar instead now?

Yes. just add an item whose caption is just a hyphen: “-”

I thought API 2 was supposed to not have special-meaning values.

Thanks. Will do that. While Im on the subject of toolbars, how do i center the toolbar items into the center of the window like Xojo on the website?

You could put a flexible space on the left and right.

Greg, when i put the flexible container as the first item in the container, I would expect it to push the logo in just as the Xojo logo does on the Xojo website. It skips the logo and push the first menu item to the right side. When I put the other flexible container after the menu, I would expect it to push the menu item back to the center but it does not. It stays on the right.

It won’t move the title. That’s by design, but the final flexible space… I know why it doesn’t, but it’s a bug.

You could use a button instead of the title and for centering, add a space on either side. That’ll probably enter everything.

But just to clarify, which menu on our site are you trying to replicate?

All of them. Just where it moves the logo and the title to the center is what im looking at. . Everything seems to stay the same width as the whatever page is below it.

I also wasn’t able to put some logo (not square like the xojo logo) at the left of a webtoolbar