Are there known issues with the canvas on OSX 10.10.3?

I got a feedback from a user, that there is nothing shown on the canvas that includes much drawings. I can’t talk to this customer because he only wrotes this in an app store review and doesn’t contacted me.

It is the first feedback ever, I got for this app that something doesn’t work.

maybe you have a bug in your app, so an exception is raised or some condition happens where loops exit too early?
In both cases, drawing may not be completed…

Difficult to say without details.

Hi Christian,

the software runs on more than eighty installations. No one reported a bug. So I assume that most of my users don’t use Yosemite. On my Mavericks system the software runs without any errors since a year in all released versions. PersonaIy I use the software myself on a daily basis.

If you provide your canvas.paint event code - maybe someone will have the solution (probably not me, but somebody) :slight_smile:

Hi Richard,

I will do tests on Yosemite by myself the next days. There was my hope that someone else has experienced that some drawing features could cause unexpected behaviours on Vosemite 10.10.3.

Havent seen any issues of this nature reported.
My main app does a lot of canvas drawing and I have more than 100 users on Yosemite this year, just quickly scanning the recent registrations.

What does your app draw in the canvas?
Does it have to access files on disc to get the information it needs?

Have many users on 10.10.3, and use a LOT of custom canvases – haven’t had anything like that reported and definitely would have if there was a specific issue with 10.10.3 and canvases.

I’d bet it’s something related to either your code/project or possibly an issue with their machine. Do you have any code in the project that sets the canvas.visible=false? Does anything show up at all on the canvas? Can they see the canvas background? Would help to get a screenshot of what’s being produced.

That’s the trouble with trying to troubleshoot over app store reviews… absolutely no way to respond.

[quote=196301:@Jeff Tullin]What does your app draw in the canvas?
Does it have to access files on disc to get the information it needs?[/quote]

It is a self developed line diagram (x,y axis) that draws multiple measurement lines, and get it’s data from an array. It uses clipping, drawing of lines, rectangles and strings all in pure Xojo without magic use of declares.

But the software draws only lines when there are at least two measurements entered. I hope that this user didn’t give up, because he didnn’t see a line after entering only one measurement.

It was a bug of mine :frowning: that means no problems wit the canvas and yosemite from my point of view. A wrong initialized setting at the applications first run zooms the data out of range.

New features = new possible bugs :wink:

The application is fixed, uploaded and now waiting for apple review. Thanks to all of you.