Are there Hams (radio amateurs with callsigns) in Xojosphere?

Are there Hams (radio amateurs with callsigns) in Xojosphere? I’m curious only.

Yes, EA5/G0EBB, Hola from Alicante region!

Thank you, Mark, for your quick reply.
I’m BG1FPX and KJ6DCI, from Beijing China.

I have just set up my shack with one of my favourite radios, 756 PRO III, but have been off air for some time after travelling around a lot.
Back to a permanent location now and after going here soon,
where I am planning on getting all the gear to make some big aerials, I may have the chance of getting a signal your way, but that is rather unlikely!

I will let you know when I build it all and see if the propagation might be kind on 20mtr.

WR7W here, from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
I haven’t fired up the radios for years (too many moves), but I still keep my license active.

Thats what I have done John, moving for ages, but now stopped all that and started to plant a nice copper and aluminium farm…

There are roughly 60,000 - 80,000 hams in China. One third operate in shortwave bands, especially in 7MHz and 14MHz, and two thirds operate in UHF/VHF bands, with mobile transceivers (vehicular and/or handheld). I obtained my China license in 2002, and USA license in 2008. My rig is ICOM IC-718, but I seldom operate these years, because of busy work.

Hi from Denmark,

OV1K operating in Copenhagen area… (UHF/VHF) I haven’t been so active in the last couple of years but I still have my license.