Are iOSLayouts Editable?

I’m using splitview on an iPad, where I want to change the master screen (without pushing onto the stack) and keep the detail screen.

It seems like I need to define a separate iOSLayout for each case, which forces the detail screen to change as well.

Is there a way to change only the master screen?

If Self.ParentSplitScreen <> Nil Then
 Self.ParentSplitScreen.Master = New Screen2
End if

Thanks, Jeremie!

So now the MobileScreen says it doesn’t have ParentSplitScreen property, but it does have a ParentSplitView property. What’s up with that?

If your screen is an iOSView (API1) you will need to use ParentSplitView.

If it is a MobileScreen, you need to use ParentSplitScreen.

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I know. Started a new thread on this issue.