Are Feedback emails being sent?

On 12:33 I opened a Feedback case. On 13.33 Robyn changed the status to Information Required. I didn’t get any email. I’ve now added some information to the case and waited some minutes. Before the emails were “fixed” I got an email with my own edits pretty quickly.

A recent change was made so that you don’t receive emails about your own comments/edits in a case in Feedback.

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Ah, I had forgotten that. But I should have gotten an email from the change that Robyn made.

Greg made a change yesterday on one of my cases, and I got informed via email.

We never rely on the feedback notifications.
It happens so often that cases of us were updated and we never got any email.


Case 11536 got implemented, but not email sent!
Same for 61397 and 62036.

I didn’t get emails :frowning:

Good catch Christian, perhaps that will help Xojo: I had a current FC in the testing area ( so I can’t post it here ), I got emails when @Greg_O_Lone replied to it. He finally changed the status to “implemented”, but I was, like you, not informed via email about that status change. Perhaps only certain updates are emailed?

The “Information required” emails are the most important ones. My Feedback issue is back to “Information required” and I didn’t get an email again.

Xojo people?


+1 … and if eMail is not working ( you can think of all kind of challenges with e-Mail ) an update popup or some other kind of notification asking for action within the Feedback App would be helpful assuming that many users are entering the Feedback App anyway regularly.

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Emails are not sent on every status change.

But on which changes?
And why is implemented not someone people get notified for. It would make them happy.

(and the email should say that implemented needs to be tested and may not come in the next release)

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@Greg_O_Lone: how do you expect your users to react to “Information Required” if no emails are sent?


As written above, I didn’t get the emails for Implemented.

Right. “Fixed & Verified” and “Implemented & Verified”

The reason we do this is that it could still be kicked back to engineering (and status Verified) if the tester finds an issue.


@Dana_Brown and as I replied to @Christian_Schmitz I can confirm that. I got an E-Mail when Greg added a comment but not for this: “Status changed from ‘Scheduled’ to ‘Implemented’.”

Edit: overlapped with the reply from Greg above. Okay, that makes sense.

So you check your cases once per way? Per week? How often?

I would say at least once a week.
For important cases we have direct contact to Jason Parsley via mail.