Are AI Coding Tools An Existential Threat to Small Languages Like Xojo?

Given the growing use and accuracy of tools like GitHub Copilot, is there a danger to Xojo and other small languages?

ChatGPT and others can write Xojo code but, as I understand, it writes code from larger bases better. Plus others are often built into the IDE with auto completion/generation.

ai coding tools are good helpers for programmers, but you have to re-read what the ai produced.

For now. Anyone pretending this won’t change are burying their head in the sand. Millions of jobs are about to disappear and developers are not immune.


yes for now sure. my bet is we have 10 years “free”. next generation will be more valuable.
you can use them to help you today, they are not replacing you until my bet 10 years at least.

Look at the rate of innovation. 2 years and it’s all over.


Yes, u are right, nothing will work any more as it should !!!

There are still areas of programming where AI will help to make better interface/communication at most. I am a good example of this by writing dedicated software for supervising production and production processes - here you need to know the specifics of the client and a lot of internal proprietary data and processes. No one will present this data to AI, so there will be no meaningful results. So I probably have more than 2 years of secure work :wink:

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