Architecture of switching between page panels

Figures. I had assumed the the Amazing Christian Schmitz might have implemented his own solution.

We do have MBS Plugins for Windows.
Just no function to animate a window resize.

But you can do that yourself with a timer. be aware it my flicker.


I don’t have a Windows machine, but here’s a crude window resize code that’s done with a timer. I converted the code from someone’s C# code so it’s a little flaky at the end and when trying to run the code again (perhaps someone smarter can help out)

Updated the code, I made an error when converting the original code, so this is smoother (again, I only have my MacBook Pro)

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Thanks for taking the initiative! This appears to work nicely. Caveat: I’m developing Windows by connecting my 2020 MacBook M1 Pro (albeit using high speed INTRAnet) via Microsoft Remote Desktop to a headless Windows 10 machine, so I can’t really see just how much flashing there is between your 12 resize frames. But from where I sit, it seems nice!

I wonder if calling DesktopWindow.Refresh with Immediately=True would improve, or degrade the appearance? Again, hard to tell until we try it on a real Windows-connected monitor.

Windows users are not used to that.

Windows is not flashy per se, The xojo way of doing things in windows is flashy, so be careful and try to use a low end pc to cover the basis.

The code above (post #8) works beautifully.
I wonder if it is possible to change the value of ‘animationResizeTime’
which should allow to customise the “duration of a smooth frame-size change”.


I don’t think you can change the animation speed

Thanks. I was afraid so … :smiling_face: