Arch Linux

Hello, I recenetly instally xojo (2014R1.1) on Arch Linux and it starts up fine, however after opening certain projects (just going through example projects), it either crashes while loading, or crashes when I click controls in the side panel.

I get the following output in terminal:

[quote] cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory[RB] Unable to load plugin OraclePlugin.xojo_plugin
Could not load libWebKit
Could not load libGtkHTML

(Xojo:31380): Gtk-WARNING **: gtk_menu_attach_to_widget(): menu already attached to GtkImageMenuItem
Xojo: cairo-scaled-font.c:459: _cairo_scaled_glyph_page_destroy: Assertion `!scaled_font->cache_frozen’ failed.[/quote]

I have both libWebKit and libGtkHTML installed, and I have installed all the available ttf fonts in the official Arch repositories in order to fix the cairo font issue, but nothing seems to help.

What can I do to fix this?

32 bit or 64 bit ?
you need 32 bit libs

I’ve already installed 32 bit versions of libWebKit and libGtkHTML as well but it did not help.

and dependencies ?
one or both of those may have dependencies

the oracle oci client one I would not worry about or just remove the oracle database plugin from your install

@Norman Palardy @Paul Lefebvre - would it be worth it to include a sticky thread about basic install requirements in the Linux channel of the forums? Maybe a link to the Xojo Systems Requirement page and some other basic tips about Linux installs?

Install questions seem to come up a lot.

@Anthony Dellos - The problem is that each Linux distribution has it’s own mechanism for installing the 32bit requirements on a 64bit version. And even those requirements change from release to release from the same distro vendor.

It’s unfortunate, but the only answer until Xojo ships the 64bit capable version for Linux is to build / test on 32bit versions of your favorite distro and then probe for answers on the multitude of distro lists / forums for help with your specific distribution.

It might also be worthwhile to ask the distro team why they are making it so difficult to support 32bit tools on a 64bit system since we can do this with OS X and Windows so easily out of the box (so to speak).

One thing that you should do is to use the “ldd” tool on your Linux binary to determine exactly what libraries are needed.

@Tim Jones - I get it. But even what you just said might be useful in a sticky thread. I see this issue come up over and over again with people asking the same very basic/initial questions. I’m not annoyed by it at all, but I feel bad for Norman and Paul having to trot out the same old answers over and over and over again. Something like:

#read this if you’re planning to install Xojo on Linux

A great idea. I’ve added a sticky post to the Linux channel.