Arbed updated to 1.9.5, fixing Linux and Windows

Arbed 1.9.5 fixes a crash when viewing source code on Windows and Linux.
It also avoids a crash-on-quit when using it from the cmd line on macOS.

More info and download:


Thomas, the icon has dissapeared from inside the Windows version, just a plain WIndows icon, not the previous arbed one, which seems to have disappeared after previous update - not a massive problem, just cosmetic.

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Huh, I see that now too - the exe has a generic icon. Never noticed before. Apparently another Xojo regression. Sigh. Won’t look into that any time soon, though. I’d think Xojo should get that fixed, but that probably means first figuring out why. Not a high prio on my list.

Thats fine, no problem.