Arbed - Project Loading Issue

Am looking to use Arbed with a project for localisation (a Web 1.0 project in 2019r1.1). Using the demo, unreg Arbed version on the project xml saved version imported into Arbed results in an error. Text of the error is here fyi:

There were errors loading C8 Platform.xojo_xml_project:

Out Of Bounds {RBPrjXMLFileReader.xmlStartElement%%osoi4; RBPrjXMLParser.Event_StartElement%%oso; XmlReader.Parse%%os; RBPrjXMLParser.Parse%%os; RBPrjXMLFileReader.Parse%o%oooi4oo<RBPrjHelper.ParseEnvironment>; RBPrjFileReader.Parse%o%oooi4oo<RBPrjHelper.ParseEnvironment>; RBPrjSupport.LoadNewPrjItemsTree%b%o&o&sobbb; RBPrjSupport.LoadNewPrjItemsTreeShowingProgressAndErrors%b%oo&obbb; HL.GetTree%o<HL.AProject>%oobb; RBPrjHLWin.RBPrjHLWin.!ShowProject%o<RBPrjHLWin.RBPrjHLWin>%o; MainWin.MainWin.handleEditorDrop%%o<MainWin.MainWin>v; MainWin.MainWin.hlEditorBox_DropObject%%o<MainWin.MainWin>oo; Delegate.IM_Invoke%%oo; AddHandler.Stub.18%%o; GroupBoxDroppable.TimerFired%%oo; Delegate.IM_Invoke%%o; AddHandler.Stub.0%%; Delegate.Invoke%%; Application._CallFunctionWithExceptionHandling%%op; REALbasic._RuntimeRun; _Main; main; }

Seems to work fine with the binary version of the project and a small test xml project. Any ideas on the issue ?

[Have PM’d @Thomas_Tempelmann previously but no response as yet]


I see an error “Unknown tag: WebSession” when I open a fresh Web project made with 2019r3.2, saved in XML format. I could fix that, though it’s difficult to resolve because Xojo had the bad idea of using the same XML tag name for two different meanings. A quick work-around for you would be to locate the “Tag-Translate-XML.txt” file and find the line pWSe,xWSs:WebSession in it, and change it to pWSe:WebSession. See Thomas Tempelmann | Arbed Tag Translation for details.

But if that’s not the issue in your case, I’d need an example project that lets me reproduce the issue so that I can debug it.

If you only need this to perform the translation job, then why not simply save it in binary format for the procedure, and then revert to your preferred format when you’re done? The binary format is still the safest format because it leaves no room for misinterpretation.

Sorry about the PM - I didn’t seem to get notified and I rarely visit this forum.

No worries thanks @Thomas_Tempelmann yes that’s what I’ll have to do but thought I’d ask. The small amount of extra messing about to do this is nothing compared to other ways of working with localised variables.

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