Arbed project editor updated and reduced in price

I’ve updated Arbed to version 1.7.8. The update fixes a few small bugs and is now able to open, edit and save binary projects written with Xojo 2014r3 and later (this IDE version introduced a new data types for “double” values that previous Arbed versions could not handle).

I’ve also reduced the price by about 50%:

  • A complete license is now $89
  • A basic license (missing the rarely needed Localization and Obfuscation features) is now $29.

So, if you like to use Arbed to diff your projects or run advanced scripts on your source code, the $29 license is the way to go if you want to be able to save any changes you make to your projects with Arbed.

Find out more here:

Arbed product page

go and get it now!
I use it regularly for finding diffs, repairing projects and generating html for projects.

Please note: Arbed currently does not support iOS projects! Xojo has introduced new types Arbed doesn’t handle yet. If you need iOS support to the level that you’re also willing to pay for a license, let me know. If there’s enough interest, I might add support for it.

i use it a week ago when i need to find out what changes i have make between the latest version and a slightly older version of the same program. amazing!!!

Happy to see this getting some love. It’s saved my bacon a few times!

I use Arbed for archiving projects as it imports externals :slight_smile:

Is there something like Refactoring in Arbed?

Arbed has saved me more than once, I hope the price reduction helps increase sales and profit on your bottom line. Thanks for a great product!

I use Arbed to compare changes from subversion. (SmartSVN)