AquaticPrime Developer App

Is anyone using the AquaticPrime port? Where do you get the built version of the AquaticPrime Developer app? From the documentation, “To create these key pairs, you can use the AquaticPrime inside the AQ source’s License Utility folder (OS X only, so far).” I can’t find it or build it.


Might want to read this before you decide to invest any time

Well I would put the link here, but this forum won’t let me paste… has a link on how to easily hack that registration system, complete with detailed instructions

I am very interested in knowing the flaws of AcquicPrime but the link Dave kindly posted did not open for me. Do you have any other sites? Thanks @Dave S for this info!

I think Dave is talking about this

I’m just looking to protect against casual piracy. Isn’t this considered to be more than just casual piracy?

Thanks Mark for the link. Very informative… Seems the software is not updated often as these hacks can (I think) easily fixed for avoiding this… Very good info!

I first ported the AquaticPrime to Xojo many years ago (was RealStudio) and then Thomas Tempelmann integrated it with Windows code and improvements.
I have to say I used it with success in many applications.

The fact it CAN be hacked it’s probably true, but all depends on how you implement it. But this can be said for any other protection scheme.

For example, you have to obfuscate sensitive informations and always performs negative tests in your validation code: put some invalid license in the code and be sure it WON’T validate. If so, do not accept any license, since the validation code is screwed up.

You can find more suggestions on a tutorial Thomas written: