April Fools' this year in the news



[quote=Chris J. Suggs]By the way, April Fools is cancelled tomorrow. Keep your jokes to yourself because this whole year has been one already. We tired.

Tomorrow is March 32nd.[/quote]

And I completely agree. That the rickroll video was posted in Announcements and officially endorsed was completely inappropriate.


I talked to the ruling committee and April Fools Day has been reinstated. Carry on.


Cancel all the things!

Your constant dismissal of other’s feelings is not appreciated.

This is not a joke.

You clearly don’t know me at all. There is very little I take seriously, and this is way down even on that list.

But to be clear, I haven’t dismissed your feelings, and I offer again to talk it out. If not with me, with someone.


I talked to the ruling committee and found your reply wanting :slight_smile:

I am afraid this isn’t a Joke either…

Anybody using Zoom? There is a Zoom ID Number in the title bar :wink:
Of course I’ve kicked Zoom and i am more in favor of Nextcloud Talk and Jitsi Meet.

A locked Zoom Meeting is harmless. When you lock the meeting, no new participants can join, even if they have the Meeting ID AND PASSWORD.

uhmm… guess who did make the screenie… and no his name was not Boris or Priti or anybody else in the meeting room… as far as i’ve been told… but who knows it’s April the 1st :slight_smile: And as rough Guess for the Password: Perhaps “Brexit” or “HerdImmunity”?

You are creating fake news.

This picture is just a copy and paste from the Boris tweet about the meeting.


Come on … it’s still April the 1st…

Not in 2020.

I was sucked into the announcement and it was just what I needed to take off my self-imposed Web 2.0 pressure. We’re all carrying on smiling as an isolated family here.

While the world need levity in this time of crisis… April Fools Jokes are really not way this year…

though it may be unpopular opinion, it really depends on what an April fools joke is applied to. If we are talking about programming humor, I do not see an issue with that.

As someone who has been locked in his house with 2 kids, a dog, and a spouse… Having something to get a good chuckle is whats warranted.

How lucky you are.

Someone knows the status of this link ?
(it it a potato or… ?