AppWrapper: 'Display specific help pages' - helpBookId ?

I’m using AppWrapper to integrate AppleHelp into a Cocoa App on Mavericks 10.9.1

I want to provide context sensitive help and I have the following code example from AppWrapper’s helpbook:

[quote]Displaying specific Help pages

Use the following code (changing helpBookId and pageName respectively) in the application to provide context sensitive help.

Soft Declare Function AHGotoPage lib “Carbon” (book as CFStringRef, Path as CFStringRef, Anchor as ptr ) as integer
call AHGotoPage( “”, , nil )
Return True[/quote]

Now I feel insecure about the following and need some hints:

  1. : Where do I find this Id? Is it a name, a number?
  2. : is this a html page name, like index.html - or a full path, or a url (like …/help/quickstart/index.html)?
  3. The above example links into the Carbon framework. Is this legal for a MAS application nowadays?

HelpBookID = “{Your Application Name} Help”
PageName = index.html or help.html I use “My Application name.hmtl”
Soft Declare on Carbon in a Cocoa app is not good, and I don’t know if it will work. I have done this with MBS Plugin, this works fine on 10.9.x and all lower MacOS X releases.

method RegisterHelpBookMBS as integer
method GotoHelpBookPageMBS(bookname as string, path as string, anchor as string) as integer
method GotoMainHelpBookTOCMBS(developer as boolean) as integer
method LookupHelpBookAnchorMBS(bookname as string, anchor as string) as integer
method SearchHelpBookMBS(bookname as string, query as string) as integer

Thanks a lot, Horst (hat jeholfen!)

Somewhere here I also found the hint to use Freeway Pro to author the helpbook, which for this purpose seems to be exactly the right tool.

Before that I spent far to much time with Rapidweaver. It took me some time to bring together all the bits and pieces required there, in order to put up a homepage. They celebrate the plugin-philosophy to excess.

But I will use Rapidweaver for some homepages in the near future, because I found some great theme developer sites and now that I have invested in quite some stacks and studying, I am finally comfortable with it.

But for writing a help book with a simple menu and structure of pages, Freeway Pro is straightforward and using AppWrapper to include the result with a cocoa app is a snap. I’m a big fan of AppWrapper!