AppWrapper & Apple M1 ARM

For years I’ve been using the excellent AppWrapper tool from With Universal Binaries in Xojo 2020R2, I was wondering if anyone has experience AppWrapping those?
Can you use AppWrapper 3 to create an installer that will install the correct code after compiling using Universal Binary? And has anyone tried AppWrapper 4 (beta) to see if ARM compiled apps can be wrapped?

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You need Appwrapper 4 for this. Universal binaries does not work with AppWrapper 3

BTW I use AW4 for ARM builds and it works fine. On top you get a much better AW experience too.

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Yes. There is currently a bug in AW4 (which I’ve fixed for the next release) and also with 2020r2 there is an issue with the Build Scripts, I’ve written up a brief article here.

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Re-reading your comment, I may have originally misunderstood what you mean. Do you mean for it to create separate installers, one for x86_64 and one for arm64? If so, that is coming, I’m just trying to get the final few issues handled here before I implement new functionality.

My goal is to get it to create

  • A single DMG with a UB build, so when new customers download the app, they don’t need to choose.

And when using the update system.

  • A single installer package that contains x86_64 code for machines running intel CPUs.
  • A single installer package that contains arm64 code, for machines running arm64 chips (even if they’re using the intel version of the app).

All from one single Universal binary, I’ve figured out the pieces of the puzzle, I just need to wrap up some other stuff before I can put it into place.


Sounds like you’re on top of this. Keep up the good work!

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