Appstore apps with non-app-store purchases

Interesting read and good evolution for Appstore apps imo

Although there is a catch, so it seems. You may not offer a lower price outside the Appstore.

From what I understand it is sort of a mixed bag to make this work.

  • No UI in the application to notify customer of cheaper options, which is understandable.
  • No UI in the application to allow customer to activate options purchased outside of the store.

There appears to be two options being discussed.

  1. Use a custom URI, so when a customer clicks a link on your site or e-mail, it opens and activates functionality within the application.

  2. If you have an accounts system where the customer has signed up on your site, you can then let them purchase on your site and add the credits to their account (which has been used by nearly every streaming service there is).

ArsTechnica says:

The settlement term would not let developers tell users about non-App Store purchase options within apps themselves, requiring such communication to take place outside the apps.

This is like “wash me but don’t make me wet” as we say in Germany.

Apple wants to make small concessions because they fear legislation.

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