Apps and "Made with Xojo" logo


I’d like to have a clarification about the development of apps and the use of “Made with Xojo” logo.

Should every app developed in Xojo feature the “Made with Xojo” logo (which is quite big in my opinion)? If so, should it be put on the splash screen or wherever one wants in the program (such as the credits/help page)?


[quote]If you are creating a development tool, you will include the “Made with Xojo” logo.

You agree that if you and/or Xojo, Inc., believe that any applications you create with the Xojo IDE are designed to aid in the development of software using a language other than Xojo, said applications must include a “Made with Xojo” logo in the application’s about box and splash screen and must adhere to the rules that govern the use of said logo. Contact Xojo, Inc. to obtain the logos and usage guidelines.


Yes I read that page, but one point is not very clear to me:

<<If you are creating a development tool, you will include the “Made with Xojo” logo.>>

Development tool sounds quite generic to me and the EULA does not specify where the logo should be placed it, if the logo can be resized, etc…
In short, I am working on a small software for data analysis: should it be considered a “development tool”?

Thanks for clarifying.

I’m not sure to well understand neither. “development tool” ? If we realize a software with a language to develop other software?

I put a “Made with Xojo” logo on my softwares but I resize it as was “Made with RealBasic”. I hope nobody care :slight_smile: .

It would be nice to have a clarification from the Xojo team.

If I am not mistaken you only have to put the logo into your app when your app is another code development tool for any known programming language (or programming language you make your own).
So it only is needed when you make for example a code editor for PHP, HTML, Xojo, JAVA, …

Yours clearly isn’t so no need to put the logo into your app.

That would apply to any pure ASCII text editor.

that is every application with a text area whose content can be saved to a file…90% of apps?

If any app containing an editable TextArea is considered like a development tool because one could load source in it, it is ridiculous. I cannot believe “anything that can be used to edit code” is a good definition for a “development tool”.

The spirit of the EULA is probably more to ask that third party development tools, directly related to program production in other languages than Xojo, be identified as made with Xojo. In other words, data analysis which is not directly related to a language in particular should not be included. A program that aids in printing Xojo listings is not concerned either (hi Dave). A program destined to print C language would be.

A least, that is the way I read it.

If you still have doubts, why not ask Xojo directly through customer support ?

I do not think there is anything wrong including “Made with Xojo” if you feel like it, though. Maybe with a smaller logo :wink:

I tend to put, in text, “This program is build with Xojo from Xojo, Inc.” at the bottom of any splash screen I create for my apps and at the bottom of the About box. I do this for two reasons, neither of which is Xojo requiring it. I do it as a shout-out to the fine folks at Xojo and as a small advertisement for their product.

I do feel that the logo is too large so I don’t use it - but I don’t write development tools (any more, whew!) so I guess I’m not required to do so.

I think you will find that the logo is required if you make a piece of software which competes with Xojo - in other words, a piece of software which is used to create other software.

Why don’t you just email Xojo in order to confirm if your software needs the logo or not?

I believe the initial question has been answered completely by the wonder Xojo community members above…but in case someone wants official clarification: As stated in the EULA, the “Made with the Xojo” logo is only required if you make a development tool. A development tool is a piece of software that can be used to create other software. If you have questions about your software specifically feel free to email me (custserv@xojo) and I will look into it.

Edit: Any one who wants to include the logo in their software is always welcome to do so!

And have a refund on next upgrade? :wink:

Thanks for clarification.