AppMenuBar not showing on second window

I would like to have a MenuBar on a second window, but it is not showing up. I added the 2nd MenuBar from the Insert menu and added it as Menu Bar in the Inspector from the second Window. I also added some menu items. No menu bar is showing though, is there anything I need to do for it to show up?

Do you have the correct type of window?
Can you create a sample project and share it?

I’m assuming you are not on a Mac?

Yes, because with the wrong type of window I a getting error messages. Now there are no errors, but the bar is just now showing up. I have a Mac Studio.

Yes, I am on a Mac.

I can assign the Menubar to the 2nd window, but the menu items are greyed out, that’s why I am trying to assign a menubar to it.

Because the second window does not have menu handlers for these menu items.
If the menus are generic, move the menu handlers to the app.
If they are actions that act on the window, add extra menu handlers to your second window

Thanks. I added the Menu Handlers to the second window, however the menu bar is not showing at all anymore. I also tried adding the handlers to the app, but that doesn’t make a difference. Shouldn’t the second window at least show the Menu bar? It is assigned in the inspector.

How about this IDE property?

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Aaahhh, I didn’t now that there was another option for that. Would have make more sense to have that in the Menubar section. Thanks!

Since it has been deprecated, it’s no longer in the main panel.

Sorry, I was confused by the description of the menubar being “on a window”, which only happens on Windows and Linux. I get what you mean now.