Application Start Error in Win 64 Bit

One of my customers tried to execute my application in the 64 bit Windows environment and this is the error he encountered.

The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application.

The Win 32 Bit version works fine.

In the 64 bit application package the following

are not in the Libs folder, but in the same folder as the exe file.

Any pointers ?


Try switching “Include Runtime DLL’s” on.

Build Files
For 64-bit builds, the compiler places framework DLLs next to the executable and not into the “MyApplication Libs” (or just “Libs”) folder like it did for 32-bit builds.

Ok. But what else could be the reason for the error ? Especially when the 32 bit build works fine.

I understand that include runtime dolls is not the recommended practice.

What version of Windows is this customer using ?
If its < Windows 10 you probably need to either include the DLL’s next to your exe OR make sure that the Visual Studio C Runtime gets installed
For 64 bit if you do not have those DLL’s then your app won’t start


Does your application use any declares? If so, the app may be crashing if the parameters are not right for 64-bit