Application requires Internet connection to run

I have an application that does not use the Internet.

But I noticed recently that if I do not have an live Internet connection to my computer, it will not run. It tries to run but stops without displaying any errors.

But I can run it under the debugger (and no live Internet connection) without any problems.

I’m using an iMac under High Sierra and Xojo 2017 release 3.

Can anyone explain this behaviour?

It has also crashed a couple of times after running for a long period but the crash data is inconsistent

Does this app have the same behaviour only computer or also for other computers?

Is Little Snitch installed? If yes, disable it, if not, install it and check to which website the app wants to talk to.

Do you have some #if debugbuilds in your code? Check those.

Do you have logging in your app? If no, do a

Globals.theErrorLog.logitem currentMethodName

for all code that is done at startup. Then you will see what happens.

It would be super helpful to know what the errors it displays are.