Application not working in remote debugger

I have an application that works fine, I can do remote debug to Mac, Windows, Linux on Raspberry Pi, but it recently stopped launching the application in my Linux Mint VM and a Real System with Linux Mint.

The strange thing is, that I can remote debug other apps. I’ve rebooted everything with no change.

Any thoughts?

Assuming that the target Mint system is Intel 64-bit, make sure this particular project isn’t set to 32-bit (or ARM) in the build settings. I’ve had my own such cases where this was the cause.

I just tried that, no difference. Doesn’t remote debug set it appropriately for the target system when Remotely Debugging? That’s been my experience to this point.

My experience is otherwise.

Does it go through the compile phase and stall on “transmitting…”? Or does it even get that far?

From what you wrote, I’m inferring that the built app does alright on the Mint targets.

It gets through everything and then just hangs at Launching…Now strangely, it’s all working again. And the Compiled App will work as well when I copy it over.

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Was it transmitting the executable to the remote end?

I have had a recurring issue, in which the transmission fails when I set up a brand-new remote debug target in a session. I have to restart Xojo for it to work. But this was clearly not Steve’s use case, as he said other projects were doing fine.

Yes it completed transmission…just sat there when it says launching.

Could it be that you have the wrong version ? Each ide may have it’s own version of the remote debugger .

Or maybe your debugApp is still running (detached from the launcher maybe) check via the “top | grep yourAppName” command (sometimes has “Debug” as a prefix or suffix)

No the probable was only with one App which I’m still trying to figure out why it stopped and then started working again. And it was on two different systems. I had rebooted everything and was still having the issue.

The only thing I’ve done differently that may have something to do with it working again, is that I compiled the app, put in the systems to test and it ran fine. After I did that, I can now remotely debug again.