Application Loader Copyright

When I upload my app to iTunes Connect using Application Loader, I’m seeing this copyright message:

This was correct last year but I want to roll it forward to 2017. The problem is that I can’t find the place within Xojo where this is coming from. Maybe it’s not even coming from Xojo. Does anybody know where this copyright message is pulled from? I don’t even know whether it will appear in the App Store but it’s bothering me. :slight_smile:

Look in Shared build settings.

Thanks Greg but I don’t see anything related to this in there?

(Also I wish I knew how to share a Google Drive image…)

Isn’t this managed in iTunes Connect?

Ah I think that’s it. I’m working on v2 and it has 2017 as the copyright year, but iTunes Connect may be reading 2016 from the currently shipping version of my app out of iTunes Connect (ignoring the fact that I’m uploading v2 which is an alpha build).

Thank you Sascha. :slight_smile: