Application Help on MAC

Application Help on MAC

Can anyone give me some guidance on adding application help to my application on Mac. I have read apples guidance on the structure of the help system but im a little unsure about how to launch it from my app. Thanks.

My understanding is you would just open the file using the FolderItem.Open method and if it has the right extension it will open in the systemwide help window.

There are some plist items that need to be set for it to do so. The demo app that’s available at can show you how to do it.

You need some plist entries and some declares to call the help viewer. App Wrapper can install the help for you (and also valid the XHTML) and in the help section it includes the code you need to display the Apple Help viewer.

Thanks Sam i’ll give it a try. I’ve got the plist entries required from digging around in some existing app bundles and reading up on the apple dev website. Its the calls I need from Xojo. I’m ok with validating the XHTML and have generated all my help files including the correct meta tags needed in the index.htm page. Any idea on the calls?

Thanks everyone. Sorted it and got my help launching properly.