Application has stopped working, when use MySQL select

I have an application (Windows) build with 2015R41 that works fine without any error. When I build this app with 2016R1, I get on start-up “application hast stopped working”. Sometimes it starts, but when I use any “SELECT name, ip FROM mytable” , the application doesn’t work anymore.

The application connects to a MySQL server on an windows server.

I have tried to debug this error, but debug build brings also the same error. The error occurs on any “SELECT…” command. Now I have open this project in 2015R4.1, saved under a different name. When I build the application with 2015R4.1 (without any changes on the source code), the application runs without any error.

I have this problem too, but my applications crashes when i am closing the connection. I’ve filled a feedback case where i attached a code to make the crash reproducable:

43358 - MysqlCommunityServer AppCrash on Windows 8.1 when opening and closing in module

What i found is that the size of the windows 32bit-dll for the MySQLCommunityPlugin.dll doubled from xojo 2015r4.1 to 2016r1 (2005 KB to 4230 KB).