Application.ExecutableFile doesn't work on iOS?

Hi all,

The language reference(online) shows this property as available for all project types and targets, but in a new, empty iOS project, the compiler says it doesn’t exist. (see image below)

Is this an oversight (i.e. it should work on iOS) or a documentation error? (i.e. showing this value isn’t feasible for iOS apps and it’s the documentation which should be corrected)

A mobileApplication (the newer App super class, API2) has no ExecutableFile property.
Please show where you see “App.ExectuableFile” to be for ALL project types? I think you mean “For All project types where this class is available”

This page:
Is about the class “Application” which is the Super class of App in destkop applications, not for iOS apps. iOS apps “App” class use the super class “MobileApplication” which has no such property.

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@DerkJ Got it. Thanks for the clarification.

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