Application / Compiler Scripts / "Awareness"?


I’m interested in doing some scripting for the compiler…

I want to have certain things different for the binaries for Windows than Mac OS X.

Notably, certain files that I want to include.

Also -

I am having my application start a new application as a thread.

I need my application to be aware of if it is being run on Mac OS X, or Windows.

Is there some sort of variable declaration of some sort, that will give me options?

I’m looking for some way to:

Let the compiler or what not compile things differently for the Mac version than the PC.

Easiest thing is to have a variable in my application, and have it be declared when being compiled.

Something like a variable, “platform” being either “mac” or “pc”.

How would I write this? I want the application to identify internally if the Mac version is being run, or the Windows version.

So sorry! I just figured it out… I was looking in the wrong place in the documentation.